Helen Noble

25,000 Seeds gently reminds us not to hold on too tightly to what we think most important. It is only by letting go can we find what really matters.                           

 “25,000 SEEDS – Where Love Grows” (available at Amazon,  BN.com, and all booksellers).  The story takes readers on a summer journey through cycling, cooking, and love.  Fully engaging all the readers’ senses, the story was inspired by a cycling trip I took through Ohio. I had never been to farm country, so it was only fitting the main character, Claire, hadn’t either.


Coming from Palm Beach, Claire Patterson takes a consulting project in an Ohio farming community. She canhandle this; it’s business as usual. Feeling CloudStepping way out of her comfort zone, she finds that fewer distractions in the rural region leaves her with more free time than she’s had in years. The new environment, new people and anunexpected romance lead to the type of introspection Claire would not have dared before, creating a remarkable shift in her life.

Prior to taking this project, she sets an intention and then quickly forgets that she did; she wants a change in her life.  What transpires next is more than amazing. Claire’s desire for more in her future first takes her back over her past -- to letting go in order to make room for something new. We’ve heard it said and it’s true…the universe abhors a vacuum, and without fail the universe steps in, arranging, growing, and cultivating the seeds – her desires - that were planted before she even got there.  No story would be complete without a beautiful romance, sharing wonderful friends, my recipes…and, of course, a fabulous dinner party!


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 “A perfect read for women after the age of 40, it shows them that there is a fantastic life waiting ahead, and they can sow the seeds of happiness in their lives anytime they wish.”
US Review of Books

“A sensual delight! 25,000 Seeds is more than a great mid-life romance; it’s beautifully written with an authentic voice we recognize as so much like our own.”  
Cindy Christensen, founder of Home Makeovers

"I’ve recently become familiar with your work. Through your book, 25,000 Seeds, I’ve come to realize that your expertise and perspective combine to bring a unique voice in the world of self-help and happiness."  
Brad Saul  President,  Matrix Media