Helen Noble

Beauty News NYC: …satisfy your bookworm (friend) by giving her Being Simply Beautiful by Helen Noble, founder of Belacrema Skincare. This easy to read book deals with the body, mind, and soul – the book is bound to give her a few “aha” moments.

Being Simply Beautiful is an elegant and short non-fiction book that shares quick and easy steps for women to proudly wear their inner and outer beauty for all to see.  

Its three parts – Maintaining the Best Outside, Understanding, and Inner Grace – move from the outside in, focus on “loving the skin you’re in” a total body beauty plan, appreciating how beautiful you are, and projecting the full expression of your inner beauty.  A wise and open-hearted book to share with the women in your life, and the men in your life who want to know you better, Being Simply Beautiful champions happiness as the best beauty prescription.

In Being Simply Beautiful, Noble takes her readers on a journey of body, mind and soul while sharing some of her own personal experiences along the way. Her honest, simple and elegant style allows for even the biggest skeptics to realize that you are only beautiful on the outside when that is how you feel on the inside.

While writing Being Simply Beautiful, I began to call it “graceful time travel” rather than aging. Throughout my 30’s, 40’s, and now, I have incorporated western and eastern medicine and philosophy in nutrition, healing, and everyday living. In this book, I share great and easy, beauty tips and information. 


 “Helen has written Being Simply Beautiful in a manner that is entertaining, educating, gives you those “aha!” moments and really makes you realize what you might have been missing out on life if you aren’t mindful of what your body is telling you. She educates us on menopause, exercise, meditation and so much more… I highly recommend this if you want to educate yourself in a simple and entertaining way and keep your life simply beautiful.” Fab Over Forty

 “Noble’s approach is unique and unlike other wellness and beauty books.  She shares personal experiences backed by factual information that guides her reader to find balance, peace, and inner beauty which will reveal itself on the outside in everything they do.  In her candid and honest voice, Noble’s tips and suggestions offer a clear, concise and easy to follow plan in order to allow them to feel feminine, in control, and divinely beautiful on both the inside and the outside.” S. Bender, Bender Media

“Why we love it: While many beauty books are pretty to look at, they often fall way short when it comes to giving actual advice. Helen Noble, the founder of the natural anti-aging skincare line Belacrema and an advocate for having a holistic outlook on life, filled practically every page of her new book with useful information. Noble is obviously extremely knowledgeable when it comes to beauty and wellness, plus she delivers her philosophy on self-awareness and ideas about embracing change in a very real and accessible way.” Real Beauty